Since Rugby Club Waterland's establishment in 1983 we have grown consistently so that we are now one of the largest clubs in The Netherlands. That we are such a position is shown by us having teams in every age group and level throughout the various Dutch competitions and divisions.

Men's Teams
As well as being one of the largest clubs, the men's First Team currently plays in the Dutch Premier Division, the highest level in the country.

Alongside we have a Second Team that it competitive in the mid-level divisions of the league.

The Third Team completes our men's roster with a mix of "Old & Bold" and new players. This team also plays in the Dutch League.

Men's Vets
Some of the Third Team's "Old & Bold" maintain their fitness (?) so that they can also take part in the occasional friendly Veterans match. Waterland's Veterans Team is more well known, or better said, infamous as the "Old Mermaids". The only requirements to play in (and against) the "Old Mermaids" is that you are over 35 and like the occasional drink.

Ladies Team
Waterland's Ladies Team started in 2005 since when we have been principally busy in increasing the number of players. We can now say, with pride, that as well as Men's teams Waterland now has a full Ladies team. As a result of there now being more players at training and matches, the standard of their play is steadily improving.

Youth Section
Through the efforts of a number of enthusiastic parents in the mid-1990s, Waterland started its Junior Rugby section. After many years of effort, and many volunteers, we now have our own and full youth teams.

Our Colts (U19), Juniors (U17) and Cubs (U15) play just below the top tier in the various Dutch youth competitions.

The Minis (U13), Benjamins (U11) and Turven (U9) play in individual tournaments throughout the country every week.

Since 2013 Waterland also has a Guppen (U7) group who train weekly and also take part in other activities.

If our broad offering of teams has interested you in coming to play for us, go to "Become a Member", or if you'd like to come and visit us for a friendly tour match then please go to "Rugby Tour to The Netherlands" for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.